Slave Challenge by dragen

Slave Challenge

I’ve seen too many Slave stories where Harry is gay, let the slaves take control somehow, or treats them as equals - for once I want to see a story where Harry is a true Master, who is in control and forces the female slaves to do the things HE wants them to do, be it beat them, force them to have sex or things like that.      

Now the Challenge - shortly after Sirius’s death, Harry finds out that Dumbledore has been manipulating him since first year, he also been stealing money, violated his parents will, bonding is magic and skills (one skill that has Has been blocked is his Metamorphmagus) among other things too. After learning this something within Harry snapped and his personality changed fast. He decides that he’ll take out Voldemort anyway possible to avenge his parent’s deaths and then he’ll disappear from the world. At first he try’s to hide it ‘til he becomes ready to show his new self. Now at Sirius’s Will Reading, Harry learns that he is the new Head of House of the Black family - he also learns that as punishment to Andromeda for marrying Ted, the last Head of the Black placed a curse on them. So that the first born girl (N.Tonks), would become the slave of the Head of House of the Black family (Got this idea from adultfanfiction) and would have to do everything that the new Head told her. He also learns that he inherited a moving island that only the Lord Black and people that the Lord Black allows on the island can find and enjoy. This is where Harry plans to go after he leaves the Wizarding World. (You can decide what’s on the island, if people are on it Harry rules it with an iron fist, and does whatever he wants with them) Now Ron gets jealous of this, and starts to fall out with Harry. 

Shortly after the will reading, Harry shows his new face. He begins to treat Tonks as a slave that he believes should treated. He forces her to change into people he wants to shag with, beats her and generally treats her with contempt. Harry shows a better face to the outside world and his friends, he’ll treat her as an equal. As the summer goes on, Harry reads the Black’s library and does some rituals to become stronger and being able to live longer. He also reads a book about Slave Bonds, and after finding out that he likes having a slave, he decides to get more. He decides to get more, it should be a least one from each house. For me it would be the following Gryffindor: Ginny Weasley. Hufflepuff: Susan Bones. Ravenclaw: Luna Lovegood. And lastly from Slytherin: Daphne Greengrass. Now like me if you wanted you can give Harry more slaves, but make sure that he treats them as slaves and NOT as an equal. Now if you want you can change who the slaves are, they don’t have to be the ones that I listed. Now if you want an equal for Harry, then you can give him a lover(s) she/them are the only ones that he can treat as equals. 

When Harry returns to Hogwarts, he gets his own room as he now has Tonks with him and she can’t leave his side unless he says she can. Now over the year what happens is up to you, but Harry must make the above girls as slaves either by ‘making love’ or rape (need at least one or two rapes, as I can’t see all of the girls willing to ‘make love’ with Harry) Now how the story goes is up to you, (as long as Harry treats the slaves as slaves and not equals or anything like that) to finish off the story, Harry MUST have defeated Voldemort and disappear to his own island - if you want to do a sequel, you can make Harry taking over the island if it had people living on it or something like that.

I would like to wish anyone who’ll take this Challenge up luck; I would like to see a few others to do this Challenge, as I would like to see what you come up with.

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Categories: Time Line > During years at Hogwarts, Betrayal, Dark or Evil > Dark Fic/Character, Slaves > About slavery, Slaves > Main character is master, Manipulative > Manipulative Dumbledore
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