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When Voldemort comes to kill Lily Potter. He A.K.s her her or he stuns her. When he turns to the crib he looks at the boy between the twin red haed girls, Harry Potter, and fires a killing curs at Harry in his crib. Harry's magic lashes out and and obsorbes Voldemorts magic and all those that are connected to Voldemort. Then in a bid to save it's host it teleports him and the whole houce and srounding peroperty to...?

A.N.: You'r choice if Lily dies or not.

Your choice on were it telaports them.

Could Apaer in Example: #1 Final Fantasy IX any time in the game.

#2 Legend of dragoons anytime in the story line.

#3 Pokemone in any of the movies shows and at any point in their time lines.

#4 Naruto in any point of the show or manga timeline.

#5 Guardein Of The Flame books in any time in the books.

#6 An Alternit Univers than the one they are in.

#7 In to someplace in W.O.W. any were in the timeline ot the game/comic

#8 Teleports them to another fan fic like one you have already started or to sombodey ellses if they agree to it.

#9 Any book, movie, or other place you could think to locate them to.

Parings: Harry/twin sister one/twin sister two/Lily Potter nee Evens/?

A.N.: Your choice on if they include more girls and make it a harem.

Categories: Bonding, Crossovers, Heir, Magical Creatures, Powerful > Cunning, resourceful and ambitious Characters: Harry James Potter

What happened to the infected Alterans that were left behind on Earth? Could they have survived and continued to evolve, but regressed technologically? What if at a young age(pre-Hogwarts or on his first trip to Gringotts Harry finds the truth outand who he's Hier to.) Harry got control of both Atlantis and Camelot as well as tech from other universes to fight the gould, Anibus, the wraith, thge replicators and the Ori? What if Harry united the entire magical race including squibs, muggleborn, half-bloods and pure? What if wer-wolves, veela, and etc, races were just mutated vires?

What if Harry's true destiny was to unite not only the magical world,but the Tau'ri as well as the entire universes?

Harry learns from the founders, Merlin, Le fay, and Pendragen

Furlings are the Goblins

Heir to Merlin, Le Fay, Pendragon ( Janus) and the Founders

Multi relationship--Tonks,Fluer,Hermoine,Narcissa,Bellatrix,Amelia Bones (look up actress Hermoine Norris for pic.) Susan B., Daphne G., the Patil twins, Katie B. Hestia Jones, and any other

Multiple unverse crossover and relationships with Sam C.(SG-1), Janet Frasier (SG-1), Weir (SGA), J Keller(SGA), Susan I. (B5), Kara Thrace(BSG),BeLanna (ST:V), SevenofNine (ST:V), T'Pol (ST:E), Wonder Women, Supergirl, Hawkgirl

Stargate SG1 and Atlantis, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galatica ( new version ), Star Trek: Voyager and Enterprise and Justice League unlimited, and  any other that you can come up with these are a must.

Categories: Bashing, Drama, Erotica, Gringotts, Harem/Multi pairing, Dark or Evil > Dark Fic/Character, Erotica > PWP - Porn w/o Plot, Heir > Other Heir, Bashing > Dumbledore bashing, Heir > Hogwarts Heir, Time Travel > Other dimension/Universe, Bonding > Other Bonding, Bonding > Soul Bonding, Crossovers > HP/Mixture of Crossovers, Crossovers > HP/Stargate Characters: Harry James Potter

Pairings: Harry/Daphne Greengrass, Harry/Susan Bones, Harry/Daphne/Susan

-Powerful, smart, strong willed Harry

-Neither Light or Dark Harry, do to his "childhood" he understands that the world isn't black and white

-Harry gives second chances (within reason, he's not going to give someone like Malfoy or Snape one)

-Heir to House Potter, House Black latter, others optionals (becomes Lord Potter after visiting Gringotts the first time)

-companionate (to those he cares for), respectful but will not be pushed around

-Harry has marriage contracts with: Daphne and Susan (the contracts become active when he becomes Lord Potter, they put the marriages off until the summer after the first year. So the three can get to know each other first)

-Not evil/manipulative Dumbledore (he's just made many mistakes in his old age and is will to admit when he is wrong)

-Harry stays in the Potter Manner once he becomes a Lord

Sexual content:

-lime at most in early years (if at all)

-no restrictions other than rape (rape play is fine)

-feel free to get creative with magic

-some realism: awkwardness (they have no experience; books, trail and error is how they learn), non-porn movie dialogue and no simultaneous orgasms (unless a spell is involved)


-Ron and Ginny bashing

-Harry is an Animagus, his form is black furred Dire Wolf

-Daphne and Susan help Harry learn more about the traditions and laws of the Magical World

Categories: Heir Characters: Daphne Greengrass, Harry James Potter, Susan Bones

Harry finds a book/scroll/peice of parchment/peice of paper with a two part spell that the first part of the spell is you charge one or more pieceies of costumes  with magic after saying the first part of the spell over the costume piece/ies.

The seconed part is when you read the last part of the spell whoever is wereing those costume piece/ies that were cast upon will take on the respective persona of what ever costume piece/ies they are wearing at the time they cast the seconed part of the spell and it will last as long as you cast it to last in the seconed part of the spell.

Harry must were:

#1 Naruto's orange jumpsuit, Iron Man's chest plate (dos not matter which version it is), Wolverine's claws (dos not matter from when)

#2 Harry has to keep Tony Stark's Wolverien's, and Naruto's memories and or their skills, Tony Stark's I.Q. (if hes not that smart already), Wolverine's claws and healing ability, and keeps Naruto's chackra level. Optional: he keeps the powers of the nine tail fox and/or the nine tail fox spirit as well.

#3 Have other people keep their costume's memories and/or abilities

All of those below are up to you if you want to put them in or not. They are just suggestions of things you could add:

#1 Have other people keep their costume's memories and or abilities

#2 Make him smarter than Tony Stark

#3 Keeps the memories from the costume

#4 Harry be able to cast the spell only ones or have to wait between casting the spell agin

#5 Harry has two or more girlfriends and or a harem.

#6 He finds this spell in his valt when he gos to get money at one point or another. I think it would make it easyer if he found it the first time he gets his gold.

The list of stories below are stories I recommend reading or smiming over at Twisiting the Hellmouth for ideas for this challenge or other stories you might write:

Xander Harris: The Iron Tau'ri: YAHF Xander goes as one of his favorite marvel comic characters, but gets more than he's bargained for and sets off a chain reaction that changes their entire universe. smart replicators

A Halloween Universe: Summary: YAHF After Halloween changes him and his charges, Giles gets very ambitious about just what they should do with their new powers. Just in case anybody doesn't know by now, no Summers family.

The Traveller Chronicles: Summary: YAHF. As a cosmic entity from another reality meddles with Ethan’s spell, history changes its course for the Sunnydalers.

Ship of the Line: I AM the Starship: What happens when you combine a Force lance, a Sorosuub S-5 Security Blaster, a PeaceKeeper uniform, Federation Combadge and tricorder? Well when you’re Xander Harris only the Creator knows for sure.

Categories: Crossovers, Erotica, Gringotts, Harem/Multi pairing, Heir, Magical Creatures, Muggles, Manipulative > Manipulative Harry, Powerful > Cunning, resourceful and ambitious, Powerful > Independent Characters: Harry James Potter

harry comes into his inheritence (17 or a bit earlier either still in hogwarts or freshley out) and finds out he is the last heir to several ancient and noble houses ex. (potter, black, peverell, gaunt, gyffindor etc.) has to have a wife for each house

- may not be more than 2 founders, and must be between 3 and 7 wives no original charecters

- harry must take an active leadership role over the girls (not let them walk all over him or do whatever they want)

- all of the girls must retain at least some individuality/ preferences (not all of them into the same stuff) only one girl may be a gryffindor

- and most importantly harry must be realistic in this no super powers

and lastly this is to be smut with a plot, political, fighting voldi, headmaster, something

Categories: Erotica, Harem/Multi pairing, Heir Characters: None

Harry was found by at the cotteg:

#1 Bellatrix who has found out about Voldemort being a half-blood. So she leaves his service to serve the futcure Lord of her house.

#2 Andromeda who has ran away with her daughter Tonks. After she found out her husband was a death eater and was going to kill her and her daughter so killed him.

#3 Narcissa who just ran away after she killed her husband when she saw him kill their son.

Harry must be raised by one of the Black sisters or a combo of them or even all three.

Listed below are women that atleast two of have to interact with Harry either as a tutor ot in some other way starting when he is a baby

Irma Pince, Rita Skeeter, Pomona Sprout, Septim Vector, Madam Rosmerta, Perenelle Flamel, Amelia Bones, Basheba Babbling,

Categories: Slaves, Bonding, Dark or Evil > Dark Fic/Character, Erotica, Gringotts, Harem/Multi pairing, Heir, Manipulative > Manipulative Harry, Powerful > Cunning, resourceful and ambitious, Powerful > Independent, Time Line > Before Hogwarts Characters: Harry James Potter

harry potter and yugioh crossover

he never fell for ginny

end of the war with harry hes master of death but the hallows vanish and he gets shadow magic like death hids in the shadow's his shadow's magic mix's with his normal magic sohe gets both but cos of his power he is brot to the god's (ra/slifer/obelisk) they ask him if he could help out yami/yugi butif he dos he's allowed to send a letter to his friends ta say good bye claimhis titals and money would probs be 2 trillen something big like that (sorry if i miss spelled) then when he gets the money gos back to them they create a 8'th millenneium itam with power's uyou make then they train him in duel monster's to be the best but not show it till the final's  his job is to get the god cards some how (and maby get the title of king of games) andthis happens a month befor seto's tournament (again sorry for mis spelling) and he fall's in love with Isis dont know how.

he get's a duel monster's spiret you chose but it need's to be a card he play's alot he's in alot of duel's

Categories: Time Travel > Other dimension/Universe, Drama, Gringotts, Heir, War > Battles, Powerful > Godlike Powers, Crossovers > HP/Yu-Gi-Oh Characters: Harry James Potter

When Voldemort comes to kill Lily Potter. He dosn't A.K. her he stuns her for Snape. When he turns to the crib he looks at the boy between the twin red head girls, Harry Potter, and A.K.s Harry in his crib. Harry's magic lashes out when sees it's host is aboutto be attaked obsorbeing Voldemorts magic and all those that are conected to Voldemort. When that is done the magic in a bid to save it's host from any more harm teleports him and the whole house to where it knows it's safe.

A.N.: You'r choice if Lily dies or not.

Must:#1 Must rescue and or find the characters listed below.

Optional:Garnet's mother is alive or not

#2 Raise Vivi (has to be a girl and human), Zidane Tribal(has to be a girl), Amarant Coral (has to be a girl), albert Steiner (has to be a girl), Freya Crescent, Quina Quen (unlike the rest of her race she looks human but still has the same abilities of her race), Eiko Carol, Gaenet Til Alexandros XVII, Beatrix, Harry Potter, Harry's twin sisters at the same time or not, but she dos have to raise all of them.

#3 Each of them is mature for their age and are quite smart (Tony Stark smart for Harry and Samantha Carter smart for the girls).

#4 Have their own business.

Optional: What the business dos.

Example: Invention business, mercenary buisness, animal training, animal breeding, animal capture, wepoens makers or any other kinds of buisness you can think or even a combo of what I listed above.

Categories: Bonding, Crossovers, Erotica, Harem/Multi pairing, Heir, Magical Creatures, Powerful > Cunning, resourceful and ambitious, Slaves > Main character is master Characters: None

Must:#1 Neville is a girl

Must:#2 Harry must be smart. (Tony Stark smart)

Must:#3 Harry meets female Neville Before Hogwarts. (your choice how soon)

Must:#4 Harry and female Neville get sorted into Hufflepuff.

Must:#5 Harry and female Neville have a talent in Herbology and Potions

Must:#6 Harry is the decendent of Hufflepuff

Must:#7 Harry has a inheritens from Helga Hufflepuff. (What ever you want him to get. Example: A peroperty or artifacts or money or a vault full of diffrent kinds of plant seeds. It's up to you.)

Must:#7 Harry and Female Neville must become a couple at one point and be the main paring of the story.

Everything below is optional:

#1 Harry has his own lab/green house to experiment with plants.

#2 Harry crossbreeds plants both magical and non with eachother

#3 Harry and or Female Neville make a potion that turns them in to a tree Nymph. Where they grow into a tree. Male and female nymph respectively. It acts like the animagus potion but insead of trans forming them into their iner animal it trans forms them in to their inner tree.

#4 Harry and or female Neville start a shop/company

#4 Harry and female Neville get married

#5 Harry has multiple wives

#6 Harry has slaves

Categories: Harem/Multi pairing, Heir, Muggles, Powerful > Cunning, resourceful and ambitious, Heir > Hogwarts Heir, Hogwarts House > Main character at Hufflepuff, Powerful > Independent Characters: Harry James Potter

harry potter dukedom challenge

the challenge is to have a harry potter who from any part of his family magical or muggle inherits a dukedom. This dukedom has a blood feud with the house of windsor or leased out the land on which buckingham palace and winsdor park and castle is on to the the monarchy of England for 1100 years. he is to have a small army of muggle military vehicles run by either muggle or wizarding familys who have an oath of allegince to harrys potter`s family.

His ducal lands can be anywhere in Great Britan and Alantic ocean including but not limted to England, Scotland, Wales. The members of his small army could be people who live on his lands but that is not required. His small army has to take over Buckingham Palace and Windsor castle when the Queen is not in either buildings which includes her time in scotland,trooping the coulors and her offical birthday.

The Queen or any member of the royal family can not be harmed during the take over or any time following that while the army is in residence until negotiations or what ever you decide is finished.


a very bad fanfiction writer

but a great reader of it

Categories: War > Muggle Military, Heir, Heir > Royal Titles, Gringotts, Heir > Royal, Muggles Characters: Harry James Potter

When Harry is attacked in his crib as a baby by Voldemort he absorbs Voldemorts magic and life force and his follower's magic and life force through him because they are tide to him through a mark on their arm's. So Harry's body can handle the amount of magic it has absorbed it transforms him in to his animagus form, that he would have learned to transform in to later when he was older, and in animal instinct he runs from the house. Living as his animagus form for years and mating with the female/s of his transformation and has offspring as well. But sooner or later he learns that he is humane and transforms back and learns that he inherits and acquired a lot when he killed Voldemort and his followers when he was a baby by absorbing their magic.

Plot points:

-Harry must be smart same with his mate/s

-Harry is able to transform back and forth from his animal form to his human form with practice.

Example of normal/magical Animals: Aranea, Displacer beast, Shocker Lizard, Spider Eater, Winter wolf, Worg, Frost Salamander, Phoenix, Nundu, Dragon, Veela, Goblins, Nāga, magical raptor, Wraith, Worgen, Goblin, Wildvine, or you could make your own type of magical animal/critter Harry transforms into.


-On what he transforms in to

-What he inherits and acquired

-If he has more than one mate and how many offspring he has

-What school/s he gos to

-Were he lives

-If there are any other races near were he lives, If they are allies or enemies.

-If he makes his own lab or base of some kind or nest of some kind

-If he has any human or other races he mates with

-Can bite or in some way transform others in to his race

-Mate with other races in his human form and his animagus form

A.N.#1: If their is anything you can think of that would go with your story that is not below Optional: go ahead and add to your story. Just follow the major plot points and everything ells is up to you.

A.N.#2: For a reference skim or read Dragon Child By: Kirkmenistan at Harry Potter Fan Fic

Categories: Bonding, Crossovers, Erotica, Gringotts, Harem/Multi pairing, Heir, Magical Creatures, Pregnancy, Powerful > Cunning, resourceful and ambitious, Bonding > Love bond, Powerful > Dominating Main Character, Bonding > Soul Bonding Characters: Harry James Potter

Harry's Family Tree

Harry goes to Gringotts between his fifth and sixth year Hogwarts and he discovers some interesting facts about his family.

  • He is related to Sirius by Dorea and Charles Potter, his grandparents
  • His mother, Lili Potter, is related to Hyacinth Langley and Michal Evans

Until now nothing strange, except that Hyacinth Langley was magical; his green eyes are from her! And that is not all, the Langleyfamily is related to the Queen!

When he finally leaves Gringotts, everything is changed. The Ministry is alerted, as is Dumbledore with his Order of Phoenix, as well the British Royal House and the Muggle Military and not to forget, what is Sirius going to do now that his closest relative is on the loose?

Who is going to get Harry?

Discuss this challenge here.

Categories: Gringotts, Heir, Muggles, Manipulative > Manipulative Dumbledore, Heir > Royal, War > Muggle Military, Heir > Royal Titles, Magical Creatures > Goblins, Magical Creatures > House Elves, Time Line > Hogwarts - Year 5, Time Line > Hogwarts - Year 6 Characters: Albus Dumbledore, Dobby, Fleur Delacour, Gabrielle Delacour, Griphook, Harry James Potter, Winky

When Harry gets left behind when his family gos on a vacation/site seeing trip he wanders around looking for a place to stay for the night he stumbles to his knees and thinks "I need a place to stay." Then he notices a building in the distance and walks towards it. It is..

Harry must have/be:#1 Tony Stark Smart

#2 No older than 16

#3 Fiends a secret place that his ancestor built. (Can just stumble upon a transporter building/private hanger that takes him to the main facility/base or can stubles upon a private hanger that has a single ship init that he takes and flys to a place he wants to liveat/build a base at.)

#4 Can grasp the understanding of the technology

Suggestions: #1 Were the facility is. (The facility doesn't have to be in the Milky Way Galaxy or even in this universe/reality.)

#2 What the facility is. (Space station, under water facility,under ground facility, floating facility, private estate, private island, private valley. You get the Idea.)

#3 What kind of tech is at the facility.

#4 How many facilities there are.

#5 How many pets he has and what they are.

#6 How many relationships he has

#7 How many races he meets

#8 If he has a twin and if they have some sort of relationship(Intimate or otherwise.)

Categories: Crossovers, Harem/Multi pairing, Heir, Muggles, Time Line, Twins, Powerful > Cunning, resourceful and ambitious, Powerful > Independent, Crossovers > HP/Mixture of Crossovers Characters: Harry James Potter

Harry's found at a young age buy a female house elf having just suffered a grate deal. That takes him to a location that the owner has just died to and he is the last descendant of her former owner.

Must:#1 Have a relationship with the female house elf: girlfriend, mother, tutor, slave(your choice on what kind of slave), maid, servant, or a combo. of what is listed.

#2 Own a place were he and only he and the house elf can come to besides the people invite his self.

Example: Private island, underground compound, space station, private valley, underwater compound, flouting compound

#3 Smart(like Tony Stark smart)

Tip: I have found it easy-er to write gray characters than all good or all evil.

Categories: Crossovers, Heir, Powerful > Cunning, resourceful and ambitious, Magical Creatures > House Elves Characters: None

Story plot points:

-Harry has a fragment of the Philosopher's Stone in his body from his battle with Quirrell.

-Harry has Acromantula venom in his body from getting bit boy one when he went to talk to Aragog.

-Harry has Basilisk venom in his body when he got bit when he stabed it through the mouth.

-Harry has phoenix tears in his body when from when Fawkes cried on his bite wounds from the Basilisk.

What the premis of the story is: When Harry confronts the Basilisk he gets wraped up in its coils at the end of the battle getting most of his bones broken. Then after Fawkes cries on the bite wound the Basilisk gave Harry when he killed it. Harry's magic reacts to save him. In doing so it takes the magic from the Philosopher's Stone fragment, the Acromantula venom, the Basilisk venom, and the phoenix tears and transforms harry with the absorbed magic.

Your choice:

-What Harry transforms into and what happens after.

-If he is an heir to anything or can infect people and transform them into what he is or drops out of school and lerns someplace elss or gets smarter from the transformation or all of the above or none it's up to you.


Categories: Heir, Hogwarts House, Magical Creatures, Powerful, Time Line, Hogwarts House > Main character at Gryffindor, Powerful > Cunning, resourceful and ambitious, Magical Creatures > Other Magical Creatures, Time Line > Hogwarts - Year 2 Characters: Harry James Potter

Molly, Prof. Sinestra, Prof. Sprout, Rita Skeeter, Belltrix, andromada, Tonks, Olympe Maxime Headmisstress of the french magic school, Naecissa, Prof.McGonagall, Lily, Fleur Delacour, Amelia Bones, Hermione's mother, Nagini, and Perenelle Flamel.

Harry will be rasied by at least three of the aboved named females. As in three of them will be living on the same peroperty as each other rasing Harry together.

James Potter must be dead in this story.(becuas I thought the guy was a comleat ass and can't figuer out how sombody as such an ass as him got such a smart and butiful women to Marry him even in the books. I'm of the thought that he iether druged her or spelled her to like him.)

They must be living on privatproperty that only they and Hary can get on to inless Harry gives them permition.

They all must be smart Samantha Carter smart(From Stargate Sg-1) or in Harry's case as Tony Stark(From iether the comics or the Iron Man Movie or the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon)

Must one or more of them must sleep with Harry and have his offspring.(You choice on how many offspring he has and with who.)

The women you choose must iether be divorced or Husben is dead or not maried at all.

One or more of the females that are taking care of Harry have to Marry him at one point or be his slave at one point or both.

Harry and the Females you choose have to act in the intrest of the group even if that means killing or stealing at some point.

Harry or the females rasing him or both have investments in a muggle compeny or have their own compeny they run or both.

A.N.: Everything below is optional

Your choice if one or more of the people in your story gos in to a branch of any military worlwide

Your choice on if Harry has a twin and if he dos it has to be a female.

Your choice if any of the females have their own personal labs they work in.

Your choice if they go to war or send in sombody els to do it for them or not enter the war at all.

Your choice if they have their own personal army be it robots, soldiers, or what ever you want.

Categories: Bonding, Crossovers, Erotica, Harem/Multi pairing, Heir, Magical Creatures, Manipulative, Muggles, Pregnancy, Slaves, Time Line, Twins, War, Manipulative > Manipulative Harry, Bonding > Arranged Marriage, Dark or Evil > Dark Fic/Character, Powerful > Cunning, resourceful and ambitious, Bonding > Love bond, Powerful > Dominating Main Character, Slaves > Main character is master, Time Line > Before Hogwarts, Bonding > Marriage, Powerful > Independent, Bonding > Soul Bonding, Erotica > Smut, Manipulative > Manipulative others Characters: None

As we all know Petunia gets married to Vernon in the books. So lets say she didn't and see what one posibility would be if that happened.

She Must Be:#1 Butiful

#2 Smart (Sam Carter from Stargate-sg1 smart)

#3 Knows how to manage money

#4 Her own lab(your choice on what the lab is for. Be it for one thing or many)

#5 Have a relationship with Harry that as he gets older they develope a closer relationship which at some point becomes an intemit one.(Your choice whn they get that far.)

#6 Either has been or will be in one of the armed forces of the world

#7 Owns her own private property.(Your choice on how big it is.)

#8 The only male Petunia sleeps with is Harry.

#9 Petunia has some magical abilitys from race that one her ancesters mated with as dos Harry.

#!0 Harry has a inheritens he gets at some point.(Your choice on what and how much.)

Optional:#1 Harry has multipal girlfriends

#2 He shairs his girlfriends with his aunt

#3 His aunt has multipal girlfriends

#4 His aunt shairs her girlfriends with Harry

#5 Harry gets Petuia pregnet.( Your choice on how old he is when he dos and how many kids she has and how many times he gets her pregnet.)

Categories: Powerful > Independent, Bonding, Bonding > Love bond, Bonding > Soul Bonding, Crossovers, Erotica, Erotica > Smut, Harem/Multi pairing > Multi-pairing, Heir, Muggles, Powerful > Cunning, resourceful and ambitious Characters: None

Intead of being juelis of her sister Lily having a gift she disided to study harder so she could help her sister figuer out what this gift was. When her and her sister found out it was magic and that Lily would be heading of to a school that would teach her how to control her gift. They agreed that they would both keepup their studys so they could go to university together when Lily finished at the gifted school.

Petunia was fasinated with history ,military and when things were invented that became the foundation of what was made today to be more spicific, the idea of time travel.

Lily was fasinated with what you would need if you went back in time to start your own compound and trading compeny.

Their Their fasination only grew when Lily entered her 2nd year and was ofered a device that would let her go back in time a few hours so she could do all the elective classes she wanted. She showed her sister on the first break of the year. Which caused her sister start desine her own time traveling device with the note Lily took when she anilysed it. Whwn Lily gradguated from the gifted school she was offered a part time job at the main goverment buildening of her people. To work in their R.n.D. department. Which she took at the same time her and her sister were going to university by use of the same device she used to take her classes with. That was given to her as a perk for taking the job.

As time past Petunia was geting closer to making a working time travel machine. At the same time Lily was gathering all the items they would need to travel back in time and set up thier own compeny. But at the same time she was dating James Potter from the middle of her last year and through out going to the university. It was only a year out of the gifted school that she got Married to James Potter and shortly gave birth to her son Harry Potter. In her seconed year at university during her third quater she told her sister that she and her family would have to go in to hiding becuas a major tareris from the people who had gifts wanted to kill her whole family. Then told Petunia that if anything would happen to her and James Harry would live with her and told her were the stockpile of items were that she had gotton for their travel back in time. Then asked if she would take Harry back with her and train and teach him everything she knew. Her sister promesed she would. But hoped she wouldn't have to keep it. About a month later when she was staying at where her parents lived when they were alive she opend the dor to get the mornings poast and saw Lily's child wraped in a blanket in a basenet. Then cried as she picked him up as she knew that this ment her sister was dead and she was taking Harry back in time with her instead of her sister.

I know this is more of a first chapter to a story than a summary but I think it gives a good place to start from.

She must be:#1 Sam Cater smart.(From Stargate Sg-1 the show)

#2 Know how to bulid a compound

#3 know how to make wepones, has instrucshins on how to make diffrent kinds of wepones.

#4 knows how to operate small to heavy arms

#5 knows how to use bladed weapons

#6 Looks butiful

#7 Well musled

#8 Harry is the only male she sleeps with.

Optional:#1 Harry and Petunia have multipal parteners.

#2 Hary and Petunia sleep with each others partners.

#3 Do Harry and or Petunia sleep with other races?

#4 Harry gets Petunia pregnet.(Your choice on how old Harry is when he gets her pregnet.)

#5 How many kids dos Petunia have?

#6 How many times Harry gets her pregnet?

#7 How many partners Harry gets pregnet?

#8 How many children Harry has?

#9 What time do they travel back to?

#10 Were do they travel to in the past to set up a base?

Categories: Powerful > Independent, Bonding, Bonding > Love bond, Crossovers, Erotica, Harem/Multi pairing, Heir, Magical Creatures, Muggles, Powerful > Cunning, resourceful and ambitious, Time Travel Characters: None

Vernon Dursley is not pleased! No, indeed he is not pleased. His nephew is home again for the summer and that lazy brat did not come out to make the breakfast for his family! No, this is not acceptable.

He opens quickly all the locks from the freak's door, slams it open and steps into the little room, looking around in rage ... and freezes!


On the freak's bed he expects to see the freak, but what he really sees is:

Harry, Fleur and Gabrielle


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The tarantula hawk is a species of spider wasp, which hunts tarantulas and other snakes as food for their larvae.

Up to one to 25 mm long with a blue-black body and bright green-colored wings, tarantula hawks can be among the smallest of wasps. A bright green coloring on their wings is also known as aposematic coloring and warns potential predators that they are dangerous. Their long legs (compaired with their bodies) end with hooked claws for grappling with their victims. The stinger of a tarantula hawk can grow up to 1/3 inch (7 mm) long and delivers a sting which is rated amongst the most painful in the insect world (scores 4.0 on the Schmidt Sting Pain Index scale).

The species is classified in the genera Pepsis and Hemipepsis, of the family Pompilidae in the insect Order Hymenoptera.

(The above description is changed for the sake of this challenge. The real article about the Tarantula Hawk is here: WikiPedia)

What has the tarantula hawk to do with this challenge?

Well .................... like this:

  1. Harry steals the Animagus revealing potion from his favorite Transfiguration Professor. Nobody knows and he plans to share the potion with Ron and Hermione
  2. Ron and Ginny are not happy with Harry and he feels himself very lonely the last days at Hogwarts. They did not like that they almost lost their lives during the battle at the Ministry. Hermione wants to stay neutral and stays in the Hospital wing most of the remaining time to recover from her wounds
  3. Harry leaves Hogwarts together with everyone, but his trip at the Hogwarts Express is very lonely. Harry feels that his friends betrayed him and is very angry ... especially at Dumbledore and the Order of Phoenix
  4. At the start of his summer vacation at the Dursley's, he buys the best Animagus books he can buy with the help of Hedwig (Owl order)
  5. He studies the books intensely and takes the potion ...
  6. He turns into a wasp! To be exactly a tarantula hawk

So far so good, but what is so interesting about that wasp?

  1. He is small in his animagus form: only 5 mm (half centimeter)
  2. He is extremely fast when flying
  3. His stinger is extremely painful for any animal, especially humans
  4. The wasp can kill or paralyze a human
  5. Poor, poor Dursley's ...

What happens next is up to you.

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Categories: Bashing > Almost everyone bashing, Betrayal > Some people betray main character, War > Battles, Powerful > Dominating Main Character, Heir > Royal, Magical Creatures > Other Magical Creatures, Powerful > Very Powerful, Time Line > Hogwarts - Year 6 Characters: None

Harry potter learns of Dumbledores plans for him. Dobby was spying on the headmaster to help Harry Potter. Summer after fifth year. (Dumbledores and Snapes Conversation in the dearhly Hallows)

What does Harry do when he learns of the betrayal?

How does Hermione react? (Harry Hermione Pairing)

Categories: Heir > Other Heir, Betrayal, Betrayal > Some people betray main character, Bashing, Gringotts, Heir Characters: Albus Dumbledore, Cornelius Fudge, Dobby, Dolores Umbridge, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Harry James Potter, Hedwig, Hermione Granger, Kreacher, Luna Lovegood

They do not have to be just Hermione and Harry. I can be other characters from other realities/universes or other characters from the Harry Potter univers even a combo from different universes if you want as long as you follow the rules below this. #1 They must 5 to 30 years old

#2 They must be smart

#3 Meet each other at a young age 5 to 30

#4 Become close as they live in the wild together (dos not matter how long they are in the wild as long as they grew close to each other enough that they trust each other with their life).

#5 Find a place that they explore. In which they find a door that leads into a compound. That belonged to one of their family's and was forgotten about. Must have a room/s they can stay. It has to have at least one room in it that has a device that can open a portal to different reality's/universes and a control system with a manual on how to use it.

#6 Must have a garden that has enoughf food that they can live there for a while if they want.

#7 Must have a library (the size and what is in it depends on you).

#9 Must have at least a scientific lab and a mystic lab with project in them. Example: a robotics lab with a Borg drone, HK-47(from Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic one), and a NS5(the blue robot from I Robot). A mystic lab for example: could have potions lab fully stocked and with rare if not only copy potion books). Ideas for stories: Have the ones that find this place be twins. Example: Harry and his twin sister Rose find the place.

Example of location: Somewere in the Chamber of Secrets

Categories: Bonding, Crossovers, Erotica, Harem/Multi pairing, Heir, Magical Creatures, Manipulative, Muggles, Powerful, Twins, War, Manipulative > Manipulative Harry, Heir > Other Heir, Powerful > Cunning, resourceful and ambitious, Time Line > Before Hogwarts, Powerful > Independent Characters: None

Back story

Nicolas Flamel and Perenelle Flamel are just cover names for James Logon (Wolvrine who has all of his memories.) and Rayne (BloodRayne who dos not get effected by anything that other vampires are effected by.). They used the Flamel name so that their many enemies they had made over the years would find it hardr to find them and they could put out some of their inventions they had made over the centuries with less scrutinea. When they had their son Hadrian they descided the if he styed with them he would not live normal life. So they desided to leve him in the care of the newleywed Potter couple. Who blood adopted Hadrian in to the Potter family. Blending their blood with his so he would be able to inherit the potter legacy when they died. The potters they had known sens James saved a Potter back in the mid 1800's. Thats when they named there new born son after the man who saved them. So every month they vist Hadrian, or Harry to all those who thought Harry was the Potters sun. Which means everybody but the potters and the Logans, so they are still i his laif if as uncule and aunt. Well when James and Lilly potter are killed the Logans take their son back and rase him their selves.

Plot points:

-The ubove happened Your choice on if you a more indepth back story or just coped and pasted this on or something ells entirley.

-Harry has power/s and vampire abilite/ies. Your choice on what they are and how many. (Must have atleast one of each.)

-James Logan and Rayne are smart.Your choice on if they have their own buissnes.

-James Logan and Rayn have magic.

-They must live somewere private.


-Have their own spacescraft. (dos not matter how big or what kind it is.

-Logan could be the only mutant in this univers same thing with Raynebeing the only one of her kind.

-Logan and Rayne could have come from diffrent universes and some how came to the one they are in now. Example:Had sombody open a portal for them or got tosed in to this univers by an enemy oe etc etc.

Categories: Crossovers, Heir, Muggles, Powerful, Time Line, War, Heir > Other Heir, Powerful > Cunning, resourceful and ambitious, War > Battles, Time Line > Before Hogwarts - Dursley's years, Crossovers > HP/Mixture of Crossovers Characters: Harry James Potter, Nicolas Flamel, Perenelle Flamel

when dumbles and the weasleys turn on harry and try get him sent to azkaban for the use of unfrogivables the greengrass sisters turn up in his defence. after landing in azkaban and having the horcruce sucked out by a dementor he gains god like powers and escapes azkaban with the help of the dementors to get revenge on the people responsible

marrage contracts (potter and black)


heir to: hogwarts/azkaban (dementors)/potter estates/black estates

warnings : lemons/underage sex/character deaths

Categories: Bashing > Ginny bashing, Azkaban, Revenge, Betrayal > Some people betray main character, Powerful > Cunning, resourceful and ambitious, Manipulative > Manipulative Dumbledore, Bashing > Dumbledore bashing, Heir > Hogwarts Heir, Powerful > Dominating Main Character, Mentor > Someone else as Mentor, Erotica > Lemon, Powerful > Godlike Powers, Bashing > Hermione bashing, Powerful > Very Powerful, Time Line > Hogwarts - Year 6, Bashing > Ron bashing Characters: Albus Dumbledore, Astoria Greengrass, Bill Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Daphne Greengrass, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Harry James Potter, Hermione Granger, Lord Voldemort, Molly Weasley, Nymphadora Tonks, Percy Weasley, Remus Lupin, Ronald Weasley, Voldemort

What if Harry Potter was found and raised by the immortal Ivy Valentin?


- Ivy must get the custody of Harry after finding him or seeing his living conditions with the Dursley.

- Ivy must find out about the Potter's family history and help Harry with his legacy.

- Ivy makes Harry her only heir, making him the future Count Valentine.

- Ivy will teach Harry Alchemy, bladesmithing, swordsmanship, soul magic and everything a boy of Noble family must know.

- Either Harry becomes the owner of the Sword of Gryffindor or he forges a personal weapon and use alchemy and soul magic to give it power.


- Male Harry slash pairing.

- Dark evil Harry (Not a big fan of Harry being the villain).

- Death Eater Harry.

- Bashing (I don't want to spend hours reading about how much you hate some characters of the books or games or how stupid, evil or manipulative you thing they are).


- Harry/Ivy (She's immortal, so why not?).

- Harry/Daphne Greengrass (a Slytherin classic).

- Harry/Tracey Davis (another classic).

- Lemons.

- Ivy openly complains about some of Hogwarts subjects and tries to make some adjustments to ensure Harry's proper education.

- Harry has a fascination with snakes when he discovers that he can speak with them and because of Ivy's sword form.

- Harry enjoying Falconry and have a collection of both normal and magical birds of prey.

- Ivy personally knows the Flamels.

- Slytherin Harry.

- Harry manages to split Slytherin House in two by creating a strong faction opposed to Voldemort's supporters.

- Harry have friends and supporters in the other houses and fight for making new reforms for the school.

- Fighting scenes full of action, swords and magic.

- Harry will try to save the Basilisk from Voldemort's control, if he can't he will kill it for mercy and harvest it's parts for the war effort.

- Harry turns the Chamber of Secrets into his personal base of operation for him and his supporters.

- Harry breeds his personal Basilisk or breeds a completely new magical snake using alchemy and magic.

- Incorporate the Deathly Hallows into the Soul Calibur mythos.

- Incorporate the Soul Edge and Soul Calibur to the story.

- Harry "MAY" related to King Algol.

- Other Soul Calibur characters making cameos.

PM me if you accept this challenge or if you need some clarifications.

Categories: Heir > Royal, Crossovers, Powerful > Cunning, resourceful and ambitious, Mentor > Someone else as Mentor, Erotica > Lemon Characters: Harry James Potter